Couples Coaching

We have kids, we fight, things get stale, we change... 

Life happens!


You're not alone.

I support couples to create conscious, intentional, authentic relationships.

Step 1

Believe that different or better is possible.​

Step 2

Learn the information and practice the communication tools we weren't taught in school that you need to cultivate emotional intelligence and create psychological safety for you and your partner.

Step 3

Shift from an unconscious to conscious partnership.

Intimacy is rooted in safety.

Learn how to create safety with your presence, actions and words.

Allowing someone into your relationship can be vulnerable. I've had many different coaches over the last 5 years, and a few times it felt like I was giving up when I hired them. I resisted getting the help I knew I needed. But each time, I remembered I was actually empowering myself to work through what was keeping me stuck, saving months and sometimes even years in time and energy.

I'm excited that you're considering doing the inner work necessary to create the positive change you want and deserve for yourselves and each other!

I believe, if we have a chance at world peace, creating deeply satisfying love relationships is the beginning.

Contact me to see if we're a good fit for each other.

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