Executive Coaching

The single biggest challenge you face as a high performer is that your game is so much bigger than that of anyone around you. You play at a level at which most people cannot even see how much you are holding back from what is possible.

Do you ever feel:

  • like an imposter, confident on the outside but doubting yourself inside, unsure about the value you bring?

  • distracted by opportunities or not following through on what’s most important?

  • frustrated by challenging humans you’re trying to collaborate with who don't see your vision?

  • exhausted by what’s on your shoulders; there for every one else but unsure how to get your own needs met?

You're already successful, so you don't need a coach.

The leaders I love working with want a coach to elevate their game exponentially.

As your coach, I have the great pleasure and honour of honing in on and pushing the boundaries of what you're truly capable of by brining awareness to our blindspots and biases and challenging your thinking.


I dare to say the things that few people dare to say, because I know what's holding you back is what you can't see.

I'm also a confidant. People share with me things they've never shared with anyone else - their deepest longings and insecurities.

Everything that's made you successful today is now exactly what's holding you back from your next level of success.

I love to work with leaders who inspire me.

Contact me to see if we're a good fit for each other.

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